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Navdeep Sokhey

Howdy y'all! I am an Austin-based researcher, Arabic linguist & professor working in the research services space. I use both qualitative & quantitative methods in my work. I also use theories from anthropology, communications, and pedagogy, as well as collaborative strategies to solve problems. 



But Who is
Dr. Navigator?

Growing up in Long Island with the nickname Nav, I often found myself coming up with pronunciation guides for people. At some point, I started likening Nav to "Navigate," and it stuck. While working on my PhD, I came across this song: Mr. Navigator (warning: it's catchy) and we really vibed. I decided that this was my superhero theme, and together we navigated the ebbs and flows of life.

Having spent several formative life stages in multiple countries and cultural milieus, I often find it easy to connect with people from a wide variety of backgrounds, and I *love* all things related to culture, language, and communication. Fun fact: I speak 6+ languages (check out my resume/CV!).


In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, learning Spanish through pop song lyrics, spending time outdoors, and revisiting some iconic Bob Ross painting moments.

Take a look at my portfolio to check out my work and connect with me to chat about potential collaborations!​



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